Volume 24 (2013-14)

From Lau v. Nichols to the Affordable Care Act: Forty Years of Ensuring Meaningful Access in Health Care for Limited English Proficient Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders
by Helen Tran and Déodonné Bhattarai

Shaping the Mainstream as an Asian American Woman Politics Within Politics
by Tonia Bui

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Impact of Sex-Selective Abortion Bans on Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
by Shivana Jorawar and Miriam Yeung

Medicaid Parity for Pacific Migrant Populations in the United States
by Franco Ciammachilli, Priscilla Huang, Déodonné Bhattarai, and Paulo Pontemayor

Advancing the Asian American and Pacific Islander Data Quality Campaign: Data Disaggregation Practice and Policy
by Bach-Mai Dolly Nguyen, Mike Hoa Nguyen, and Tu-Lien Kim Nguyen

Empowering the Asian American Community: An Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Chin
Interviewed by Rebecca Yang and Tam Duong

Traversing Borders: Possibilities for Art Informing Public Policy Analysis
by Patricia Nguyen


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