2016-17 Journal Staff

Cassandra L. Agbayani, First-year MPP

Julie Ahn, First-year MPP

Kei Ashizawa, MC/MPA

Kayden Hoang Bui, First-year MPP

Claris Chang, First-year MPP

Daniel Minyong Cheung, Second-year MPA/JD (NYU Law)

Sahar Dar, Second-year MPA/MBA (Wharton)

Angela Guo, First-year MPP/JD (Stanford Law)

Kevin Hong, First-year MPA/MBA (Wharton)

Christopher Jan, First-year MPP

Maggie Ji, First-year MPP

Ian Lee, First-year MPP

Hudson Leung, First-year MPA/MBA (Tuck)

Kristie Liao, First-year MPP

Michelle Liu, First-year MPP

Susan Liu, First-year MPA/MBA (Wharton)

Deborah Oh, First-year MPP/JD (Berkeley Law)

Andy Vo, Second-year MPP

Christine Vu, Second-year MPA


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